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Clinical trials management solutions in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Clinical trials services in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Quality-Assured Logistics and Clinical Trial Management Solutions

Our clinical trial logistics services assurance supply chain expertise, minimizing risks and maintaining confidentiality. As one of the top clinical trial logistics companies, we ensure seamless operations for your trials.

Cryosite’s modern facility is purpose-built to support the specialised needs of highly regulated, temperature-sensitive products.

We deliver industry best-practice services, utilising our global network to provide a localised client experience. Each year we manage 6000+ shipments, 90% temperature-managed, and with 99% on-time dispatch. With a demonstrated history of successfully overseeing extensive clinical product portfolios, our expertise extends across diverse clinical trial types. From early Phase I and Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) to intricate Phase II and Phase III randomized studies, rely on our comprehensive clinical trial management solutions.

In the realm of clinical trial supply and logistics services, we prioritize your success. Our meticulous approach guarantees quality-assured packaging, precise labeling, secure storage, and meticulous destruction. We prioritize seamless logistics for safe transport of vital medicines and samples in clinical trials in Australia. Our commitment ensures efficient operations, safeguarding the clinical trial process’s success. Discover seamless clinical trial services with Cryosite. Our dedicated team ensures precise sample management, secure storage, and efficient logistics. Trust us for reliable support in advancing medical research.

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Cryosite use an established network of carriers, or clients’ preferred couriers, to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions:

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