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Experts in Cord Blood and Tissue Storage

Cryosite ceased collection and storage of new cord blood/tissue samples in 2017. We remain dedicated to maintaining storage for samples collected and processed by Cryosite prior to this time.


Cryosite was the first private cord blood bank to become licensed in Australia in 2002 and is a trusted leader in clinical trial samples and cord blood storage.


Cryosite uses state-of-the-art technology, quality management systems and a highly experienced team to maintain the value of stored samples in our fully monitored facility.


Storing samples with Cryosite offers greatly increased options and opportunities in harnessing the potential of today's treatments and benefiting from tomorrow's research breakthroughs.

FAQ & More Information

Cord Blood Storage

A baby’s umbilical cord contains blood and tissue, which are rich sources of therapeutic stem cells.

Stem cells are special because they can divide and make exact copies of themselves and develop into other specific cell types, tissues or organs in the body. Cord blood and cord tissue are used as sources of different types of stem cells.

Cord blood/tissue samples are a unique 100% match to the individual from whom they are collected and cannot be replaced.


Samples may provide future treatment options for immediate family members; parents have a partial match and siblings have a potential match.

Storing cord blood and cord tissues helps our clients take the important step of safeguarding the future health outcomes for themselves and their families.

Cord blood is a source of haematopoietic stem cells, which can produce blood cells that carry oxygen, fight infection and stop bleeding.

A cord blood sample, gathered at birth, offers greatly increased options and benefits in the treatment of over 80 diseases—including leukemias, blood diseases and lymphomas—compared to synthetic or donated stem cells.

Cord tissue contains several cell types that can produce many different types of cells including bone, cartilage, muscle.

Research is currently being conducted in bone conditions, heart disease, graft-versus-host disease in donor marrow transplantation and autoimmune response in diseases such as multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Over 1000 clinical trials around the world are currently recruiting patients to investigate the further potential of stem cell transplants and future use in regenerative medicine.

New technology will also allow development of stored stem cells to the next generation of advanced cell therapies and personalised treatment.

Stem Cells Australia has an interesting summary of current Australian Stem Cell Research projects.

While the potential of stem cell therapies is exciting, it is important to note that current approved uses are limited, results are variable and future uses are developing in clinical trials. The decision to use stem cells should be made with a cellular therapy professional.

Storage Facility & Safety

Cryosite offers you a professional storage facility that uses leading-edge equipment in a safe and secure environment.

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StemLife Storage

Former StemLife customer samples were acquired by Cryosite in 2016.
Cryosite is committed to the long-term storage of all StemLife cord blood sample, which will remain in secure storage at our modern facility, ensuring peace of mind for families.

Learn how Cryosite supports clients with long-term cord blood/tissue storage.

Safe storage for a secure future

History and Experience

Cryosite are the pioneers for private cord blood storage in Australia and we have been trusted to store cord blood/tissue samples since 2002.


The Cryosite team includes highly experienced and qualified scientists who are dedicated to keeping cord blood/tissue samples secure.


Over the years, Cryosite has released multiple viable cord blood units that have been used as medical treatments, providing reassurance that our processing and storage conditions are professional, reliable and of the highest quality.