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Specialist Clinical Trials Depot Services

Experience and expertise to support you during every stage of the clinical trials process

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Specialised outsourced clinical trial logistics services

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Harnessing the potential of biological therapies


An Australian Clinical Trials Depot

In the highly regulated, complicated, clinical trials environment, our mission is simple: we take care of your warehousing, distribution and logistics needs
so you can concentrate on your core objectives.

Cryosite’s team has the experience and ability to support you during every stage of the clinical trials process. Our professionalism assures
risk is minimised, confidentiality is maintained and clinical trial logistics are seamless.


Cryosite was the first private cord blood bank in Australia, licensed in 2002, and is a trusted leader in clinical trial samples and cord blood storage.


Cryosite uses state-of-the-art technology, quality management systems and a highly experienced team to maintain the value of stored samples in our fully monitored facility.


By storing samples with Cryosite, you benefit from greatly increased options and opportunities in harnessing the potential of today's treatments, and benefiting from tomorrow's research breakthroughs.

We value your trust
We are dedicated to quality
Storing for tomorrow’s opportunities

Clinical Trials Services

Who We Are

Cryosite is a unique Australian company and a world-class specialist in providing outsourced clinical trials depot services.

Established in 2002, Cryosite is highly experienced in in clinical trial logistics. Our team is comprised of highly qualified scientists and clinical trials experts who ensure complex clinical trials are conducted with seamless efficiency and safety.

We manage the entire clinical trial supply chain from importation, receipt, specialised ambient, cold, frozen, and liquid nitrogen storage for temperature-sensitive products, distribution and reverse logistics management.

Cryosite’s third party depot services are professional, reliable and compliant; our people are experts in their respective fields and are approachable, ethical and responsive to clients’ needs.

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