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Liquid Nitrogen Storage: Essential for Biological and Cell and Gene Therapies at Cryosite

At Cryosite, a leader in the biotechnology and medical field, liquid nitrogen storage plays a critical role in preserving the viability and integrity of biological materials, including cell and gene therapies. This the importance of liquid nitrogen storage in the context of these advanced therapeutic modalities and how Cryosite is leveraging this technology to advance medical science.

The Importance of Liquid Nitrogen Storage:

Liquid nitrogen storage is a cornerstone in the preservation of biological samples, particularly in the realms of cell and gene therapies. The extreme cold temperatures provided by liquid nitrogen, typically at -196°C, are essential for maintaining cellular integrity and viability over extended periods. This method of cryopreservation is crucial in ensuring that these sensitive materials retain their therapeutic properties and are available for research and clinical use when needed.

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Cryosite's Approach to Liquid Nitrogen Storage:

  1. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Cryosite’s liquid nitrogen storage facilities, one of the largest single site liquid nitrogen tank farms in Australia are designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Equipped with advanced cryogenic monitoring technology, these facilities ensure consistent and reliable preservation of biological materials.
  2. Customised Storage Solutions: Understanding the diverse needs of cell and gene therapies, Cryosite offers customised storage solutions. This includes dedicated storage tanks for different types of biological materials, each maintained at optimal conditions for preservation and shared storage tanks.
  3. Rigorous Monitoring and Security: The liquid nitrogen storage units at Cryosite are monitored continuously to ensure the maintenance of appropriate temperatures and the overall integrity of the stored materials. Additionally, security measures are in place to safeguard these valuable and sensitive resources.
  4. Expert Handling and Compliance: Cryosite’s team of experts is trained in the handling of cryogenic materials, ensuring that each sample is stored and managed with the utmost care. Compliance with regulatory standards, including those set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), is a top priority, ensuring that all storage practices meet the highest quality and safety benchmarks.
  5. Support for Research and Clinical Trials: The liquid nitrogen storage services at Cryosite play a pivotal role in supporting research and clinical trials, particularly in the rapidly evolving fields of cell and gene therapies. By providing a secure and reliable preservation environment, Cryosite facilitates ongoing advancements in these cutting-edge therapies.


Liquid nitrogen storage is more than just a method of preservation at Cryosite; it’s a fundamental aspect of their commitment to advancing medical science, particularly in the areas of biological, cell, and gene therapies. The specialised facilities, customised solutions, rigorous monitoring, expert handling, and unwavering compliance with regulatory standards demonstrate Cryosite’s dedication to excellence in this crucial field. As the demand for these advanced therapies grows, the role of efficient and reliable liquid nitrogen storage becomes increasingly vital, cementing Cryosite’s position as a leader in the biotechnological landscape.

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