Cryosite Limited

South Granville NSW


Specialist Clinical Trials Depot Services  play a crucial role in the clinical trials process by providing specialized logistical and distribution support for investigational products (IPs) and supplies used in clinical trials.

These services offer secure storage facilities with controlled environmental conditions to ensure the integrity and stability of IPs. They maintain meticulous inventory records to track the quantity, expiration dates, and lot numbers of all stored products.

Depot services are responsible for packaging and labeling IPs in compliance with regulatory requirements and trial protocols. This includes ensuring that each package contains the correct IP, appropriate documentation, and labeling that meets global standards.

They manage the timely distribution of IPs to clinical trial sites, investigators, and other designated locations. This often involves global distribution to multiple sites, which requires efficient logistics and temperature-controlled shipping for biologics or sensitive products.

Specialized services have the capability to store and transport temperature-sensitive products, such as biologics or vaccines, in compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP). They have validated storage and transportation solutions to maintain temperature integrity.

Depot services adhere to strict quality assurance measures to ensure the safety and efficacy of IPs. This includes regular inspections, monitoring of temperature data, and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

They stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements and ensure that all processes, documentation, and reporting align with global regulations, such as Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

In cases where IPs are not used or need to be returned, depot services manage the returns process and ensure proper disposal or destruction of expired or unused products, following regulatory guidelines

They maintain comprehensive records of all activities, transactions, and temperature data. This documentation is essential for audit trails, regulatory inspections, and sponsor reporting.

Depot services often offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of clinical trials, including on-demand distribution, emergency resupply, and managing ancillary supplies.

In summary, Specialist Clinical Trials Depot Services play a critical role in ensuring the efficient and compliant distribution of investigational products, ultimately contributing to the successful execution of clinical trials and the advancement of medical research.