Cryosite Limited

South Granville NSW

Importer of Record & Permit Applications

Importer of Record

Cryosite is a knowledgeable and experienced Importer of Record, ensuring the legal importation of clinical materials into Australia.

With Australia having its own unique set of regulations, ensuring compliance for controlled substances can be extensive and complex. Our team brings control, compliance and visibility to the supply chain through careful planning, time-tested processes and limited handoffs.

We support you to prevent delays and limitations in the movement of goods, while ensuring the highest level of product integrity throughout shipment.

Cord blood storage in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Permit Applications

The Cryosite team is highly experienced in assisting with applications for permits to import and export goods. This includes for the Office of Drug Control (ODC), Australian Biosecurity Import Conditions (BICON), the Department of Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OTGR) and more.