Cryosite Ltd est. 2002

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Cryosite is a unique company in Australia, established with the specific objective of providing specialised outsourced logistics services to a wide range of clients including the research, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotechnology industries.


In 2001, Cryosite launched the first private cord blood service in Australia, operating with the necessary regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration and have successfully processed and stored cord blood collected by over 380 obstetricians in 200 hospitals throughout Australia.


In 2002, Cryosite expanded its range of services to include the provision of clinical logistics services to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations. Over the past 12 months, operations have increased steadily and already Cryosite have established a strong client profile.


The leading provider of specialist ultra-low temperature and cryogenic storage, all Cryosite staff have formal scientific qualifications and understand the high level of importance that needs to be associated with your samples.


Cryosite provides professional, reliable and cost effective support services, tailored to meet individual customer needs. Our Quality Management System ensures compliance with all necessary regulations and detailed documentation control. Operations are carried out in a NATA accredited (ISO/IEC 17025) facility and in compliance with current Code of Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). The facility is AQIS approved under section 46a of the Quarantine Act for the quarantine of class 5.1 goods.


Cryosite Limited, ABN 86 090 919 476 is an Australian public listed company registered on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange with the code "CTE".