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South Granville NSW

Cell Banks (MCB & WCB)

Harness the potential of cell bank storage

Reliable Cell Banking Systems

Cell banking presents opportunities to store cells for a range of applications, including research and the treatment of diseases.

Cryosite has successfully stored stem cells and cell banks since 2002. We offer cell banking for microbial, insect, stem cells and mammalian cell lines, each with specific cell banking characterisation at ultra-low temperatures.

Our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant cell banking system assures a uniform population of cells are preserved and a sufficient supply of material is readily available for the life of the product, in the short and long term.

Today's uses, tomorrow's opportunities

High-quality storage

The quality of stored cells is paramount to the efficacy of your final product, research or treatment.

Cryosite employs a two-tiered cell banking system with highly effective processes to assure the quality of stored cells.

Master Cell Bank

A Master Cell Bank (MCB) is prepared from selected one-parent cell culture under strict conditions, dispensed into multiple containers and safely stored in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Working Cell Bank

A Working Cell Bank (WCB) is derived from an MCB using efficient and effective procedures and quality assurance processes, to ensure proper identity and avoid contamination.

Cellbank in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Cell Bank Storage

Cryosite’s validated quality systems and standards assures all cell bank vials are preserved in compliant storage vessels for the life of the product.

Our team of experts will assist you to secure import permits and appropriate shipping vessels, while our cryogenic tanks are monitored and secure for long and short term storage.